Monday, November 10, 2008

An Award with a Twist

I've been honored to receive an I Love Your Blog Award from Jan of Expressive Papers. In accepting this Blog Award I'm required to answer the following questions with ONE WORD. So here are some things you never knew about me....

1. Where is your cell phone? PURSE
2. Where is your significant other? KITCHEN
3. Your hair color? ASH BLONDE
4. Your mother? STRONG
5. Your father? HONEST
6. Your favorite thing? FAMILY
7. Your dream last night? LOST
8. Your dream/goal? BUSINESS OWNER
9. The room you're in? OFFICE
10. Your hobby? CRAFTS
11. Your fear? SLOWING DOWN
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? HERE
13. Where were you last night? HOME
14. What you're not? STUPID
15. One of your wish-list items? RETIREMENT
16. Where you grew up? BUFFALO
17. The last thing you ate? CREAMSICLE
18. What are you wearing? JEANS
19. Your TV? NEW
20. Your pet? HUSKY
21. Your computer? GATEWAY
22. Your mood? CALM
23. Missing someone? MOM
24. Your car? JEEP
25. Something you're not wearing? MAKEUP
26. Favorite store? FRESH n EASY
27. Your summer? HOT
28. Love someone? SURE
29. Your favorite color? YELLOW
30. When is the last time you laughed? TODAY
31. Last time you cried? YESTERDAY

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tag Christmas Card

Those of you who are familiar with my work know that I always like to do the unusual. Well here's my unique Christmas card for this year. I pulled out my library tag template to make a birthday card and decided it could make a unique Christmas card. The inserted greeting could also be used as an ornament on the holiday tree. I had lots of fun creating this card and plan on experimenting with a few more.