Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Organize Your Junk!

I am definately a saver. I hate to throw away anything that I might be able to use at a later time. This is especially true with all those great patterned papers I've accumulated. So I pulled out my punches and started using all those bits and pieces. It's so much easier to be inspired and create a project when you have your supplies all ready to go! So far I'm into squares, but I will progress on to circles and other shapes. You can pay a ridiculous amount of cash for pre-cut paper and cardstock, but with a few punches and all your scraps they won't cost you a thing. You just need to set aside some time and focus on making your own.

Hand made Vs. Store bought.

Which would you prefer?


Marie Reed said...

oooh! nice tunes!! i'm reading and humming along:)

ALFAMOM said...

"handmade always", like you i have a very hard time parting with my scraps.