Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Recycled Calendars

Yearly calendars, given away free as advertising, are filled with beautiful images and photos. I've been saving mine for years, but have never really done anything with them. Well, I've finally gotten around to using them for envelopes and matching cards. Here's what I came up with.

For the envelope, I used a template from Green Sneakers, but you can easily make your own template by unfolding an envelope, tracing, and cutting it out from cardboard or plastic sheets. I mounted the photo page on a white paper sheet prior to cutting, as it was slightly smaller than the template. The extra lining also makes the envelope a little stronger if you are sending it throught the mail. The resulting white border on the envelope came out great. Since I had leftovers from the calendar page, I used the same picture to create a matching card. Don't worry about writing an address, just use a white label stuck on the front.

I tried using Lick and Stick glue for the flap, but it didn't stick to the glossy paper. So I'm using clear 1" stickies that I made from a clear plastic sheet and my Xyron.

I love the look of these envelopes and cards. They're fast, easy, and best of all - FUN!


Nancy said...

I like the envelopes and cards! Great idea. I used to frequent a restaurant that used beautiful paper placemats. I always saved mine, and my dining partners', took them home and made envelopes from them. They had beautiful purple and yellow pansies...

Linda said...

Great idea!
Awesome cards and envelopes!