Sunday, September 12, 2010

Creating with Discarded Vintage Books

Vintage books contain wonderful images. I attempt to salvage them by creating one of a kind notebooks, notepads and journals so that these priceless images will not be lost forever. I always use books that are in poor condition. Good vintage books and collector's editions should always be kept intact for future generations. Here's an example of a small notepad created using the pages of a vintage Alice in Wonderland book.

A nice addition to these notebooks is the use of entire pages from the original books randomly inserted between blank pages. They may be more images or interesting quotes from the story line.


carla said...

Sometimes I buy old children's books with the plan of using the illustrations in paper art projects, then when it comes to actually cutting them up - well, I almost can't. One is an older reader from the 1940s and it's really in bad shape, but ... it's just so hard. Another book I got with the idea of using is from about 1900 and the pages are loose. Other than that it's in good shape (no writings, etc.), but there again, I just can't.

And I love the way the actual images look in projects. Most of the time I photocopy, but the paper feels different and it's just not the same.

Lovely punches in the other post. Hadn't seen any of those.

Lisa said...

I, too, am a vintage junkie. I have a few reseller/antique stores in my area that know me, and often call when some neat things come in. It IS hard to cut the paper, but I always take the time to scan the image into my computer. Makes me feel a wee bit better.

There is nothing like digging thru the old stuff at the shops and finding new ways to present them! I'm signing up to follow your blog! I love the stuff you create!