Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kitchen Magnets from Vintage Findings

A while back I found a bag of vintage jewelry parts at my local thrift store. There were a number of large brooches that had the pin back removed. They are too large to use on any of my cards or collages, so I am turning them into refrigerator magnets. If the pin is large enough, a strong magnet can be attached directly to the back, as in the strawberry. Some have an aluminum backing (cut from a soda can) attached, as the flamingo. The other three are attached to stained or paper covered wooden disks the size of a poker chip. If you decide to make your own kitchen magnets, be sure to get magnets strong enough to hold them in place without sliding down the refrigerator door! For these pieces I used ProMag 3/4" and they work great.

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Anonymous said...

Your magnets look great! Thanks for an awesome idea!